There are several techniques for improving memory.

  1. Photographic Memory.
  2. Back tracking.
  3. Relativity.

1. Photographic Memory

What is Photographic memory?

Photographic memory is the memory technique where you are going to save the snap shot of an event or action. When you recollect your memory you shall be able to get the exact image of the event or action.

How to practice it?

Its very simple to practice the photographic memory. Just look at some scene or better to watch any window with bars and close your eyes for few seconds. Now shall be able to see the negative picture of that window. Just count the bars in the window. Same way look at street or some image and start recollecting what is there in which position. This way you will able to increase the memory.

2. Back tracking

In this technique you will try to recollect the past events which happened in back wards. Like if you want to recollect the yesterday events then, you need to recollect things backwards from today basing on the time.

Ex. I wish to recollect what I have done yesterday 4.00 Pm. I will try to recollect the events which happened before going for bed yesterday. Say, I went to bed at 10.00 Pm, before that had meeting @ 9.00 Pm, dinner @ 8.00 Pm, back from office @ 7.00 pm, met client @ 5.00 pm, had meeting with Boss @4.00 pm.

3. Relativity

In this technique you will tag any other event to one event. Through this if you remember one event you shall be able to remember the other event also.

Example: You met a new person two days back and you forgot the name of the candidate. You can avoid this by tagging some other name or place with the name.


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